Knowing threats that you need to prepare for

If you are starting out, or you are already a seasoned prepper, read the survival blog to know how to make your way via all the information in there which can at times be quite overwhelming. Even on such sites, you will get several archived articles, because of that reason; the following questions and answers might set you to a good start.
Where are you supposed to start? What threats are you supposed to get prepared for?
It might be the million dollar question but the truth is that, it might be tough to answer it. There are some ideas which might help you but you are the only one who can readily answer this particular question.
To prepare is known to be different for different people with different people having a unique set of problems and disasters which can possibly happen which are going to depend on such things like:
• The geographical location and the threats that are most likely to be encountered which are based on the local environment
• Threats which are personal that include financial or job security
• Things which are hard to predict. It is hard for anyone to predict the future with the only thing being that, you can prepare for the threats which are most likely going to happen based on what happened in the past, research and things which tend to be unique to your own experience.
To be able to prepare well for anything, you will need to do some homework. It starts with having to figure out what threats you might be facing and then analyze on how the threats will be able to fact you in future.

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